Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Artbreak, Lulu, Delight:: Destiny

Hi everyone! This morning I stumbled upon Artbreak, and have been steadily adding to my portfolio. My primary focus will be different sizes than I currently have listed on Etsy. I should warn you to set aside some time when you're able to browse the site. I keep getting distracted by all of the wonderful paintings, drawings and of course, photography.

I've also begun adding smaller sized prints of a few favorites, and images that do not quite fit my other venues, on the DIY publishing venue Lulu. Lulu offers mats and frames, and ships directly to buyers, which is a nice convenience. Lulu also offer the option to make images available to buyers as downloads. What they do not offer is Kodak Endura professional paper, particularly the silk and metallic finishes that I am fond of. Still it seems like a promising venue to add to my growing bundle of shops.

Max is shrieking, the dog is whining and I'm writing this entry at warp-speed before my tea kettle joins the fray, so I'll close by asking you to go and say hello to the talented clothing designer Colorada, who was kind enough to feature my work on her blog Delight:: Destiny yesterday.

Earl Grey, anyone?


  1. Karrie, this is great info. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, you have been busy, Karrie! I have tagged you - check out my blog post for details: